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We are dedicated to bring you the best solution for your audio, video, & lighting needs. Whether it is through event production, rentals, sales, installation, or simply consultation, we strive to give you the best value guided by our experience & high standards.

photo courtesy of Becky Holzman

  2023 was a good year for SoundFocus & we are grateful for it.  Live events and rentals kept us very busy, while we had a couple of installations and quite a few service calls and consultations.


With the busy nature of live events, we have again added to our inventory and upgraded gear.  Some additions include more Shure QLXD wireless, Sennheiser wireless, additional Shure & AKG condenser mics, and a Yamaha Rio 1608-D2 stagebox.  Whether you need  to rent some powered speakers or wireless mics for a small event or need full production for an event, please give us call and we will be glad to guide you to guide you down the right path.  Here's to 2024!

In addition to being a dealer for Marshall video products, Mogami cable, and MXL microphones, SoundFocus LLC is also a dealer for Elite Core Audio & OSP Cases. Call today for options & pricing.

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photo courtesy of Becky Holzman

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