soundFocus LLC - Total A|V Solutions
Contact us today regarding used gear that is available.  Here is short list:
Drawmer compressors & gates
Power conditioners
LA Audio comp/gate
DBX 220i processor
DBX 4-channel compressors
Mic & speaker cables

and more....
For $299*, SoundFocus LLC will spend up to 3 hours onsite, addressing your concerns & issues with your sound system.  We will test cables, sends, speakers, & make any adjustments possible to improve your sound system & return it to doing what it was meant to do:  reproduce transparent audio so your congregation or audience can focus on the message and the music, instead of a crackling, poorly tuned sound system. 
If issues are discovered that are beyond our tune-up session, we will make recommendations regarding replacement or upgrade items & provide competitive pricing for the items & installation.  Contact us today! 
* Limited to 1 hour radius of the Lancaster, PA  area; onsite time depends on travel time to job site.
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